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Stacia Perrizo

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ms. Stacia Perrizo has over 25 years of experience in arbitrage rebate, internal controls, auditing techniques and financial analysis.  As a former Finance and Audit Manager at the Marriott Corporation, Ms. Perrizo is particularly adept in adherence to the Tax Code and technical quality assurance metrics.  Ms. Perrizo is primarily responsible for thoroughly reviewing each arbitrage rebate, yield restriction, IRS Audit Defense report and IRS Overpayment Recovery Request that is prepared by ACS.  Ms. Perrizo has reviewed over 10,000 arbitrage compliance reports during her tenure at ACS and has created a rigorous quality assurance framework which scrutinizes each aspect of the arbitrage calculation. 

Ms. Perrizo’s process entails a complete analysis of raw financial data, the review of assumptions used in financial cash flow models and the language used in the arbitrage report to ensure compliance with the Tax Code.  Ms. Perrizo’s technical review of each arbitrage calculation confirms that the lowest legally permissible arbitrage liability has been calculated.  Her extensive experience and review of IRS Audit Defense Responses and IRS Overpayment Recovery Requests has resulted in a 100% success rate in defending against IRS Audits and ensuring that over $10,000,000 in IRS overpayments has been recovered by our clients. 


Bachelor of Arts Degree

Areas of Expertise:

 Client Relation Management   |   IRS Recovery Request   |   Quality Assurance                              IRS Audit Defense Team   |   Procedural Integrity   |   Rebate Minimization   |   State Authorities