Bond Compliance Services

ACS’ team of Arbitrage Professionals, CPA's and Tax Attorney expertly handle all facets of arbitrage services and bond compliance calculations including:

  • Arbitrage Rebate Calculations

  • Yield Restriction Calculations

  • Spending Exception Calculations

  • Penalty-in-Lieu of Rebate Calculations

  • Private Business Use Compliance Reviews

  • Schedule K of IRS Form 990 Reviews

  • IRS Voluntary Closing Agreement Program (VCAP)

We do more than just calculation services: We provide bond compliance services throughout the entire life cycle of each debt issue beginning with the preliminary planning stage of a debt issuance, continuing through the calculation process and ending with support services.  ACS' life-cycle approach to arbitrage services includes:

Pre-Issuance Stage

  • ACS experts review bond documents to ensure that statutory elections were correctly adopted/declined.

Outstanding Period

  • Legal review – ACS’ tax attorney analyzes each debt issue to determine the applicable exceptions and bond compliance calculation requirements.

  • Compliance Calculations – Our team of CPA's ensure that all bond compliance calculations are performed on-time and compute the lowest allowable liability as allowed under the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations.

  • IRS Audit Defense – 100% track record on successfully defending our clients in IRS audits.

  • Policy and Procedure Bond Compliance Manual – In use by over 800 governments. In September 2016 NABL released a primer on Considerations for Developing Post-Issuance Tax Procedures. Additional support regarding procedures can be found on the GFOA website under the heading - Developing and Implementing Procedures for Post-Issuance Tax Compliance for Issuers of Governmental Bonds.

  • Bond Compliance Training – On-site or web-based training modules. See Education Center.

  • Proprietary Compliance Database System – ACS’ Bond Management System tracks and provides notifications of impending deadlines.


  • Record Retention Services – Storage of bond and investment records to satisfy the IRS’ record retention requirements.