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Robert Goubert

Robert Goubert

Vice President

Mr. Robert Goubert’s 23 years of experience in customer relations began as a Manager with the Marriott Corporation and his responsibilities included budgeting, reconciliation and exceeding customer expectations.  Mr. Goubert has over 15 years of experience in the arbitrage arena serving as the primary liaison between ACS and the client.  Mr. Goubert is accountable for ensuring that all ACS clients continue to receive excellent customer service and all reporting deadlines are met.

Mr. Goubert and his team coordinate the collection of data needed for arbitrage and yield restriction calculations with banks, bond counsel, financial institutions and on-site data collection.  Once all data has been collected for the calculation to be completed, Mr. Goubert monitors the client’s report deadlines, report process flow and all aspects of the post-issuance compliance program. 

A nationally recognized instructor on the arbitrage reporting process, Mr. Goubert regularly presents on arbitrage minimization practices, accounting regulatory requirements, investment tracking systems and IRS audit-proofing procedures across the country.  Mr. Goubert is an active member of the National Government Finance Officials Association (“GFOA”) as well as Washington, Oregon and Utah GFOA state chapters.  Mr. Goubert is a member of the California School Business Officer Association as well as other education governance organizations.   

Relevant Experience:

15 Years of Arbitrage Rebate Experience, 23 Years of Customer Relations. 

Areas of Expertise:

 Client Education   |   Private Activity Bonds |   Spending Exceptions   |   Debt Analysis          Pre Issuance Compliance   |   Relationship Management   |   Large Debt Portfolios                    Coastal Issuers (Both West/East Coast)