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Doug Pahnke

Doug Pahnke 

CPA, President

Mr. Doug Pahnke has over 20 years of experience as a Program Leader for many of the largest state entities across the nation and currently completes projects for over 7,500 debt issues.  As Program Leader, Mr. Pahnke provides ongoing support to our firm’s clients and oversees the entire calculation process from pre-issuance to post-issuance compliance.  To aid in the monitoring of ACS’ client debt portfolios and applicable IRS deadlines, Mr. Pahnke developed a sophisticated Bond Management System (“BMS”) software program which is used by over 1,600 tax-exempt debt issuers.  BMS provides real-time management reports to assist our clients in ensuring full compliance with arbitrage rebate and yield restriction regulations. 

In 2011, the IRS released extensive post-issuance compliance directives; to satisfy this new requirement, Mr. Pahnke wrote a comprehensive Policy and Procedure Manual containing post-issuance best practices that have been adopted by over 800 debt issuers; several of which have used the manual in the successful defense of IRS audit inquiries.

Mr. Pahnke serves as a liaison between ACS and bond counsels across the country.  Recognizing bond counsel’s need to continuously monitor their client’s bond compliance, Mr. Pahnke developed a unique bond compliance program that has been implemented by more than 15 bond counsels which oversee more than 1,500 bond issues. 

In 2013, Mr. Pahnke’s vast knowledge of accounting methods coupled with his computer science background led him to develop a state-of-the-art arbitrage rebate computation software suite that enables different accounting methodologies to be run concurrently.  The new software has decreased the time required to complete a calculation by half and improved our turnaround times thereby reducing our client's compliance costs.

As a nationally recognized expert among experts of the arbitrage rebate Tax Code; Mr. Pahnke coordinates ACS’ IRS Audit Defense to include our team of CPA's, legal counsel and calculation support staff.  Since the inception of the code, ACS has had a 100% rate of favorable outcomes for our clients under audit by the IRS.  Mr. Pahnke is a highly regarded instructor on the topic of arbitrage rebate compliance to government agencies, bond counsel and accounting firms.  Mr. Pahnke is also a member of the United State Treasurers Association, National and State Government Finance Officers Association(s) and the National Association of Bond Lawyers. 


Bachelor of Science: Marketing and Finance
Master of Science: Computer Science


Certified Public Accountant

Areas of Expertise:

 Client Education   |   Industry Analysis   |   IRS Recovery Request   |   Post Issuance Compliance  Client Relation Management   |   IRS Audit Defense Team   |   Pre-Issuance Compliance          Tax Credit Bonds   |   Pooled Financing Issues   |   State Authorities