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Carl Aridas

Vice President

Mr. Carl Aridas brings more than 23 years of experience in arbitrage rebate, project management, business development, risk analysis, and regulatory reporting in the financial services sector.  Prior to joining ACS, Mr. Aridas’ served as a Managing Consultant for Bond Logistix (BLX), Vice President at the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and Associate Vice President/Vice President Risk Manager in the Controller’s Division at Deutsche Bank. 

Mr. Aridas is the contract transition manager and oversees the transition of clients from prior arbitrage rebate firms to ACS.   Due to Mr. Aridas’ extensive experience with complex cash waterfall calculations for municipal derivative securities, he has a thorough understanding of the most intricate investment strategies and vehicles available to tax-exempt debt financial advisers.  This in-depth financial acumen has served invaluable for determining the most beneficial investment valuation techniques to reduce arbitrage liabilities for our clients.


Bachelor of Arts Degree
Master of Business Administration


Series 65, 91

Areas of Expertise:

 Bond Year Slicing   |   Cash Waterfall Models   |   Contract Conversion   |   Pooled Financing            Call Reports   |   Client Relation Management   |   Derivatives   |   Regulatory Filings