Expert Arbitrage Rebate Calculation & Bond Compliance Services 

Experience You Can Trust

ACS is an independently owned firm which specializes in post-issuance bond compliance services to include: arbitrage rebate, yield reduction, spending exceptions, private business use and record retention.

Born out of Pricewaterhousecoopers, ACS’ founders have been at the forefront of every advance and reform of the Tax Code since 1986.  ACS’ 48,000 compliance reports have been relied upon for over 17,500 debt issues tied to over 1,600 separate municipal clients.  ACS has already passed the 50,000 compliance report mark by mid year 2016.

ACS Team

At ACS we employ individuals with diverse backgrounds primarily in the financial, accounting and law fields.  Our practice has also been fortunate to retain an in-house tax attorney for over 29 years as well as multiple licensed Certified Public Accountants. Our structure allows us to engage our clients on a personal level and enhance their experience through genuine, long-lasting relationships

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Bond Compliance Program Services

Our capable team regularly completes arbitrage rebate, yield restriction and spending exception compliance reports.  We also review and/or test for private business use of facilities build with tax-exempt, tax credit and direct pay bonds. Furthermore, we review the unique record retention requirements and provide secure onsite and online storage of the applicable records.  

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Bond Compliance Training 

As an ancillary service we provide comprehensive IRS and SEC bond compliance training through recognized government association conferences such as GFOA or ASBO, as part of regional CPE training sessions and onsite client tailored programs.  We also have an extensive Education Center available on our website.

Recent Training Presentations:

  • 70th Annual TASBO Conference 2016
  • GFOAz May Compliance Conference 2016

Upcoming Training Presentations:

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Four Benefits to Working with ACS

1. Expertise

Over the past 29 years ACS has developed accurate and efficient means for maintaining the most comprehensive compliance programs.

2. Peace of Mind

ACS’ in-house tax attorney, CPA’s and accountants expertly handle all facets of bond compliance and arbitrage services while you focus on the next issue, or next project.  ACS has the experience to make post-issuance compliance easier.

3. Flexibility

Our singular focus on post-issuance bond compliance allows us to provide the most competitive fees while offering programs tailored to each issuer.

4. Approach

ACS will be your partner for the life of the debt issue. ACS will timely complete the compliance reporting, utilizing the most up-to-date and appropriate methodology, coordinate the compliance process with our state of the art bond management and calculation systems, provide a secure online customer record retention system and lastly ACS provides relevant continuing education for our clients.

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